Hello, my name is Sanjay. I am a traveler, an adventurer, a culture explorer and a storyteller.

Born in a small town in India, I grew up in the capital city learning about the world mostly through the television. Discovery Channel was my portal to the vast world of breathtaking landscapes, diverse life and unknown cultures. Traveling, especially solo traveling, around the world has never been a big thing in India until recently. Books, movies and internet were the primary source of understanding the world. But I had a deep desire to travel, explore and expand.

The dream did not turn into reality until I moved to the US in 2008. A whole new world was presented to me. New ideas emerged and a journey started. Since then, I have traveled to some of the incredible places connecting with people from all walks of life and learning about cultures. Every town, city or country I visited added to my knowledge about the world we live in. It was totally worth spending energy, money and time. Coming out of comfort zone was rewarding and, in many cases, transformational for me.

Having grown up in a culture that values a conventional, structured life, it was difficult to challenge the status quo. An engineering degree, an MBA from an American university and a span of 10 years in the corporate world were all good and important to put me where I am today. However, they did not promise a fulfilling life. There was a part of me striving for more, a direction, a purpose driven life.

Life to me is full of potential and possibilities. I was trying to find passion in my profession with a very little success, now I am trying to find a profession in my passion. Leaving the comfort and security of air-conditioned cubicles behind, I decided to live a bit more freely, a bit more curiously, a bit more carelessly and a bit more passionately.

I love the idea of waking up in a new city and walking on unfamiliar streets among strangers. I am counting stamps on my passport as I am on my way to travel to every continent and every country (possibly).

I have crossed my path with many amazing people so far in my journey. I am looking forward to meeting many more, making them a part of my stories or becoming a part of their stories.