On a Ship Loaded with Food, Booze and Party Animals

A cruise leaves the port of Miami Friday evening for the Bahamas. There wasn’t any agenda for the weekend other than party and excursion. If one needs to lose oneself in a perfect getaway in the sea under the open sky, it was the vessel to aboard. A sailing night club in night time and a moving resort in day time, the Norwegian Sky cruise was out on a voyage for some sun and fun.

When I boarded Norwegian Sky, some of the scenes from the Titanic movie flashed by in my mind. Nothing of that sort happened though; neither the ship sunk, nor I found love on the ship. It was my first time on a cruise, so it was okay to over fantasize. What actually happened was something I did not expect either. When there are free drinks at every corner, unlimited food everywhere and over excited souls on the floor; who would want to remain sober.  The first evening began with the kickoff drinks and music that turned into a weekend long party, ended only when the ship returned to the port on Monday.

I woke up with a view of a white-sand beach with palm trees. It was not a dream. The vessel was docked at Great Stirrup Cay. The blue waters and cold morning breeze was calling, but the body wanted to sleep more in the cozy cabin. The cruisers were to spend entire day on the island. Many preferred to lie down on the soft sand, while I hit the treadmill on the top floor of the ship. I did not want to miss a gym with such a gorgeous view. The view of the island from the window was like looking at a computer wallpaper. Bahama Mama was always on the menu, on the ship as well as off the ship.

By the sunset, the decks on most of the floors were crowded. It was a perfect time to take pictures in the dimming golden light. Music turned on and drinks started pouring as we headed to the next destination- Nassau. After a fancy dinner in the grand dining hall, things got back to craziness on the party deck. People were same, their attires just changed, and so did their social behavior.

As the ship come to rest at the Nassau terminal early next morning, a eventful day was about to begin in the town- a town not just known for its beaches; but also for its culture, history and energy. It has its own rhythm. Whether you are on a family vacation or party cruise trip, it does not let you down. Local vendors around the beaches didn’t care how much you drank last night on the ship; they poured rum punch by liters in coconut shells. Bars on the city streets are pretty creative to get your attention. Señor Frog’s was our final stop before we got on the cruise again for the final night. It was no different from other evenings…music, drinks and dance again.

In less than 72 hours on the ship, strangers became good friends. Many stories were shared as well as created. Norwegian Sky cruised through the moonlit sea back to its home in Miami, giving thousands of cruisers unforgettable memories.



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