Curiosity to Explore

Curious Blue Planet is a blog to inspire the curious souls who appreciate and explore the beauty of our planet. The idea of creating this space is to share my travel experience around the globe.

So, why yet another travel blog? Well, the goal is not to tell people where, how and when to travel to a particular country, city or place. Neither, it is intended here to list “things to do” or “things not to do”. There are thousands of websites and blogs where you can find such information. My passion is to bring unique travel stories through my words and pictures I took inspiring others to create their own stories. Everyone has this deep desire to discover and expand. Many prefer to remain in their comfort zone, but some choose to go beyond their mundane lives. Which one is you? What kind of story you are creating?

My travels inspired me to work on my own projects involving adventures of this planet, lives of people and beauty of mother nature. This is an ongoing effort to bring forward a fresh perspective to so many wondrous things this blue planet has to offer.

The following video captures it beautifully. It inspired me to get on the journey to explore the cultures and connect with people.