We are designed to explore and expand. We create stories when we travel to places, interact with people and explore cultures. It is these small stories that add up to make a big story of our life. This big life story has to be colorful and intriguing.

Curious Blue Planet is a blog space to share interesting travel stories through words and pictures capturing adventures, diversity and beauty of our planet.

The following video describes it beautifully “why we explore?”

So, why yet another travel blog? The goal here is not to tell people where, how and when to travel. There are thousands of good websites and blogs where one can find such information easily. Figuring out what, where, when and how is not a bog deal if there is enough motivation. It is the ‘why’ that requires courage and needs to be figured out first.

Maybe, some of the stories on this blog site could help you find out your ‘why’!